Join our own Andrew Fritz for a two night introduction to astrophotography on location on a private ranch near Langtry, Tx. You will learn the fundamentals of night sky photography including star trails and milky way photography. With dark skies and a wide variety of natural desert settings, the ranch will be our private photography playground and classroom.

Quick Facts

  • Date/Time: Friday, July 17th - Sunday July 19th
  • Where: Langtry, Tx
  • Class Size: Maximum of 2 Students
  • Instructor: Andrew Fritz

Food & Transportation

The ranch home has a fully equipped kitchen. Students and instructor will split the cost of food and the work of cooking.

Transportation plans are still in flux but carpooling may be possible.


  • Camera with Manual Mode
  • Tripod
  • Bright Head Lamp or Flashlight
  • Cable Release
  • Laptop

Loaner and test equipment will be available for student use. Please inquire.

Star-trail photography is a unique type of long exposure. With extremely long exposures, or sets of exposures, it is possible to show the perceived motion of the stars in the sky. With forethought, this motion can be used to great effect in landscape and fine art images.

To the human eye, the Milky Way appears as a band of pale white arching across the sky. Digital photography opens up a new way of seeing our galactic home, capturing the subtle colors of the dust and stars that make up the galactic core. The summer months are the perfect time to photograph it.

The Location

Our location is a private ranch outside Langtry, Tx situated along the Rio Grande. It offers a variety of beautiful desert settings including cliffs over the Rio Grande, a deep canyon with side slot canyons, shear cliffs and stone washes.

The ranch home is air conditioned and will serve as a base of operation and shelter during the days. The road into the property is gravel. There are sections (through washes) that may be difficult to pass in a standard car. Normal SUVs or light trucks will have no problem with the road.

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